Does Marriage Counseling Work?

Does Marriage Counseling Work? - Couple on the couch talking during counseling

There is very promising research that sheds light on marriage counseling and its effectiveness. A study done by Christensen, Atkins, Baucom, and Yi in 2010  found that about half the couples that participated in couples therapy improved (48%), and most of these made good progress (32%). This is very encouraging!

For marriage counseling to be successful, each partner has to be willing to “deal with their own stuff,” rather than pointing the finger at the other and holding-out for them to change. When each partner recognizes that counseling is not a magic wand, that the relationship will not immediately revert to honeymoon status, and that it takes hard work and sustained effort, progress can often be made.

Certain ground rules are also important for the success of couples counseling. Each person should be willing to eliminate blame and the dredging up past offenses, and search for the good in each other, no matter how difficult this may be.

Marriage counseling is most effective when the therapist (or counselor) does not take sides, is affirming, remains objective and guides the couple systematically as they work through the issues.

Unfortunately, if the couple has already decided to divorce or their issues are chronic and/or severe, success is possible but often the process is more challenging. 

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