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Is This Your Marriage?

Are you unhappy in your marriage? Have you considered separation or divorce? 

Feeling stuck in constant marriage conflict? Maybe you have been holding on to past hurts and pain, or you may be living in the same house, but not enjoying life together. Do you sometimes find yourself looking forward to times when you can be by yourself and not be with your spouse? At times do you feel lonely and wonder if God hears your prayers?

Is your marriage in crisis?

So many couples are desperate to experience deep intimacy, but believe it is impossible. Instead, they settle for empty, painful, disconnected marriages and often stay together just for the children. If you find you are having marriage problems, you are not alone. 

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Why Christian Counseling?

God invented marriage. The Bible, His bestseller, gives secrets on how to make this union a success, one that reflects His glory. Unfortunately many couples, Christians included, merely exist in lonely, unhappy and turbulent relationships. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

There is HOPE! When couples genuinely practice Biblical values - forgiving, loving unconditionally, mutually respecting and trusting each other - they are able to experience the abundantly blessed life that Jesus promised.

Christian Counseling is NOT a Bible Study, preaching, or memorizing Bible verses!

Juliet West, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker and marriage counselor. Click the blue underlined link to learn more about her education and expertise and why she is passionate about helping your marriage to flourish!

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There is HOPE!

Your marriage can be better! Juliet West from is committed to helping struggling couples live passionately transformed marriages! 

You will learn how to create a marriage relationship that is loving, nurturing and life-affirming. With marriage counseling, you will also find ways to fall in love and stay in love, improve communication, resolve recurring conflicts and find freedom from old patterns that keep you trapped; all this without guilt trips, taking sides or making the other partner out to be ‘the bad guy.’

Click Here to see what marriage issues are best solved through marriage counseling! There is HOPE!

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