Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Unhappy Couple


  • Are you tired of constantly fighting about the same things over and over and never getting them resolved?

  • Does your partner insist that you talk to them when you don't feel like talking?

  • Do you ever not speak to your spouse for days because something they said hurt you so deeply?

  • Have you both tried to resolve conflicts but end up attacking, criticizing and blaming each other instead?

  • Are you often daydreaming about what it would have been like if you married your high school sweetheart, or even considered looking them up?

  • Have you lost a child and feel so alone in your grief because your partner refuses to talk about their feelings?

  • Do you fight about the in-laws and how much they are involved in your life or how much your spouse puts them before you?

  • Do you argue about how to discipline the children and/or stepchildren?

  • Is your spouse running up the credit card, spending large sums of money without consulting you, or hiding purchases?

  • Are you both constantly quarreling about money and the bills and who should be in-charge?

  • Do you feel absolutely no love for your spouse, and even despise them sometimes?

  • Are you refusing to have sex with your spouse because they are not meeting your emotional needs?

  • Do you ignore your partner's pleas for conversation because they will not have sex with you?

  • Does your spouse continuously focus on the negatives in the relationship and talk often about divorce?

  • Are you fearful that if you go to counseling, you will be blamed and made out to be the "bad guy?"


If you see yourself in any of this, marriage counseling with Juliet West can help. Don't give up when a wonderfully passionate marriage may just be around the corner! Please give it one more try!

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Marriage Question Quiz...

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How many times does the average married couple have sex in a year?

A. 41 Times per Year
B. 58 Times per Year
C. 89 Times per Year
D. 134 Times per Year 

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Issues That Can Be Solved with Marriage Counseling!

Anger and resentment

Lack of emotional intimacy

Poor communication

Decrease in affection and sexual fulfillment

Financial disagreements

Parenting conflicts

Coping with infidelity

Grief or loss of a loved one

Destructive habits and addictions

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