God Can Use Our Spouse For Good In Our Life - Part 4

April 1, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Ginger’s father died when she was five and throughout the rest of her childhood, her mother was distant, caustic and punitive. She would often be told that she was stupid, lazy, ugly, needy, a chatterbox, and a religious fanatic. When she wanted to seek comfort or just spend time with her, her mom would dismiss her and tell her that she had bought enough toys and books and that Ginger should entertain herself with them. Ginger was an only child. So when you talk about rejection, she was a walking reject. She had wounds, some pretty deep ones. The beliefs that she developed from these experiences were that she was a failure, she was unlovable, she was unwanted and she was alone, just to name a few. So picture Ginger going into .........

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