Understanding Our Husbands - Part 5

November 1, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

This is the last segment in the series “Understanding Our Husbands.” Please hear my heart on this potentially “touchy” subject. Ladies, we need to take make an effort to look attractive for our husbands. I did not realize HOW important this part of marriage was…until…A year after giving birth to our daughter, Joanna in 2004, I was still 90 pounds overweight and decided that it was futile even trying to lose weight so I gave up. I not only gave up on losing weight, but I did not care about my appearance either, and dressed sloppily, giving little effort to my hair, makeup or hygiene. My dear husband, Steve would always be supportive and never said anything unkind to me. But one day when we were at our .........

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