God Can Use Our Spouse For Good In Our Life - Part 5

May 1, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Last Saturday night, my friend, Diana whose sons are in band with my son, came over to hang out with me. Our boys were playing at a competition in Round Rock and were not going to be home until after midnight. Her husband was out of the country and she did not want to stay home alone. So the good friend that I am, I set her up in my bedroom, in a comfy chair next to my desk with a book, and informed her that I would not be able to pay any attention to her, because I was working on a talk for a women's group and it was of utmost importance. She was very intrigued by my topic and then began to share with me some of her own thoughts on marriage. Needless to say she never got around to reading the book! We ended up talking for about four .........

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