Understanding Our Husbands - Part 3

September 1, 2016 @ 9:00 AM

News Flash! Men are visual and visually stimulated! Yes, ladies just in-case you did not know. Men have various sensual images burnt into their brains. Some of these images are of you and some are not. These images pop into their minds at unscheduled times and it’s something we cannot understand because we are not wired that way. In the same way, men feel compelled to look at beautiful women. This attraction is inbuilt. Even Christian men struggle with this temptation. I know this to be true because late last year,my husband called me from Chicago O’Hare Airport while he was on a business trip. He said, “Honey, there are so many beautiful women walking around in this airport. I can’t stand it! I need you to pray .........

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