How Much Time Do Couples Spend Together?

January 1, 2018 @ 9:00 AM

Couple drinking coffee, reading newspaper and talking

Well, if you guessed 4 minutes per day you were right!


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Five Tips for Getting More Time Alone with Your Spouse

Love must be fed and nurtured...first and foremost it demands time.
- David Mace

Were you surprised by the answer to the quiz? Four minutes a day! The average couple spends FOUR minutes a day alone together! No wonder so many marriages are in crisis! 

It seems as if busyness has become a national pastime, especially for those of us with kids. If we're not stuck in twelve hour work days, on the highway, or shuttling children to a multitude of activities, we're engulfed in chores, errands, homework, or... you fill in the gaps. Sometimes we don't even ...

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