Why Grocery Store Date Night Can Lead to Emotionally Healthy Kids - Part 2

“I’m just happy when you guys are happy.” Those were my nine year old daughter’s profound words one evening years ago when I asked her if she thought that happy marriages make happy kids. So although not a scientific conclusion, I think I can deduce that “Grocery Store Date Night Can Lead to Emotionally Healthy Kids,” based on the reasoning of a nine year old. And shouldn’t she be an expert on this subject?

Great! Well, that takes us to the next point…Couples with strong marriages are often unified in their parenting strategies. I know, this is an assumption. However, if you have a strong marriage I’m willing to guess that you’re not constantly arguing about how to raise the kids. As such, kids from stable homes often have a strong sense of boundaries, and find it difficult to “play one parent against the other.” This in turn can result in the development of and increase in positive behaviors and healthy self esteem.  

Finally, kids whose parents have solid, loving marriages where each partner is affirming, respectful, forgiving and kind often learn how to relate well to peers. These children also have a tangible example of a good marriage and are better equipped to know what to look for in a partner and how to make a marriage relationship work.  

So, there you have it folks, three great reasons to work on your marriage for your kids’ sake. You have the power to make your home a place where your children are nurtured, confident, well behaved and happy. Why would you want it any other way? 

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