Lord Change Me

About twenty years ago I read a book called, “Lord Change Me,” by Evelyn Christensen. I will never forget the impact that book had on my lifeThe author’s website describes it as “…life changing! Based on Romans 12:2, Evelyn Christenson prays, “Lord, change me—not my husband, not my children, don’t change my pastor, but change me” Lord, Change Me has had a dynamic impact changing people from the inside-out, as well as ways to check to be sure it is God who is doing the changing. This book continues to help a new generation of Christians experience the spiritual transformation of God.” Lord change me, not my husband! That is a bold prayer! But one that can have a miraculous effect if more spouses were willing to pray it from a sincere heart. Though this book is over forty years old, the message is timeless. We can only be responsible for our own changenot that of others (especially our spouses), because we are going to give account for our actions in the end, and God is not going to take the excuse that mom, Steve or even the devil made me do it! Romans 14:12 says, “So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.” And so as we choose right thoughts and right behavior, we do it for the right reasons expecting nothing from the other person in return but instead seeking to honor God. And the same God who sees in secret will reward openly as Jesus says in Matthew. We play to an audience of one who sees everything. Are you willing to pray this prayer?

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